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The perfect the life and food.

At AL Nawaz Frozen Food, we want to bring the excitement of cooking back into the Indian Kitchen by bringing you the choicest ingredients. And this time we’ve brought you the world’s favourite frozen food. We have been serving our prawns to the most discerning customers. So go get yourself a pack of AL Nawaz Frozen Food today.

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Non-Vegetarian Frozen Foods

How Freezing Works

Peep into your freezer & you'll realize that it is a storehouse for everything you want to preserve - the fresh green peas from the winters, the masalas your mother sent or those special dry fruits you picked up. Isn't it interesting how you can preserve both taste & nutrition with such a simple act!

So how does it actually work? Freezing is nature’s pause button that keeps food safe and healthy. It does this by preventing micro-organisms from growing and by slowing enzyme activity that causes food to spoil.

Ever questioned why frozen food tends to have a long shelf life? Well, it is the freezing that locks in the goodness of any food we consume hence extending it's life naturally when stored in the right conditions at -18⁰C or below.

And that's why we use the power of freezing to bring to you our handcrafted recipes. Using advanced IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technology and a robust supply chain we preserve all its goodness – taste, texture & nutrition until it reaches you.

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john Doe
john Doe
john Doe

Thank you for the love in your frozen food! My all family members liked this.

Just fell in love with the Frozen Snacks! Can’t wait to try more Awesome Foods!! Thank you!!!

Thank you for your food. My children feel much closer to normal (as they say) now that they can enjoy some of the same things their friends eat.

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